Fabvl is the big success in the international geek music scene!

Fabvl is the big success in the international geek music scene! (ENG VERSION)

Nick, Nicholas, or Fabvl. The 32-year-old American singer is probably the most appreciated international geek musician in Brazil. As the second biggest geek singer in the US, he gained notoriety and admiration from the Brazilian geek audience for his aggressive style and intense composition.

Born in California, the singer, producer, and audio engineer began his musical career on April 26, 2016, with the song “Nadeshot rap Song,” which is a tribute to one of the main faces of American eSports.

The initial focus of the channel was precisely music within the gaming universe, so his start in geek culture was marked by songs from games such as Overwatch, Pokémon, Fortnite, Cuphead, and others.

His first song outside of games was “I Believe in You,” an original song that served as a kind of catharsis for the musician. The song had good numbers and served as a starting point for exploring new musical universes.

Although the focus continued on games, gradually songs from superhero movies and anime began to gain space on the channel. His first song from Japanese animations was “My Hero Academia Rap Song – Plus Ultra,” which was a great success and featured the participation of fellow American geek musicians Rustage (the biggest American geek musician) and Divide Music. From this “track,” the content of the channel became more balanced between games, movies, and anime, but the latter increasingly gained more presence and generated the best numbers.

However, the song that made him known to Brazilians was “Dabi Song – Cross My Heart.” The song, which now has about 4.9 million views, had a huge reach in Brazil, reaching both the general public and react channels. From this song, the singer gained notoriety in the country and became a recurring figure on the Brazilian geek audience’s playlists.

The contact with Brazilians was so great that the singer himself receives a significant number of comments in Portuguese and makes a point of thanking for the affection received. His contact was so great that the musician will collaborate with 7minutoz in 2023, and the song will be released amid the Brazilian channel’s next drop.

Fun Facts

1- There are rumors that the song in which the artist will participate will be a “track” of the character Pain. Such rumors are derived from interactions of the musician Lucas A.R.T (creator and head of 7mz) on his social networks.

2- His top 5 biggest hits are all from the game Fortnite. The 5 songs have passed the 10 million views mark.

3- The singer has a second channel where he reacts to videos within the geek scene and outside as well. The channel has approximately 27,000 subscribers.

4- Currently, the musician’s channel has 693,000 subscribers and has released about 169 videos. (obviously, at the time this article was produced)

5- His biggest hit is the song “Fortnite Rap Song – Drop (Season 7 Battle Royale),” which currently has about 15 million views.”

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